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About Us

Our company, which is based in Wayzata, Minnesota, is dedicated to providing high quality, science-based nutritional supplements that support healthy aging.

Our supplements are formulated by physician experts in biochemistry and epigenetics.  Here is a TEDx talk by one of these physicians, Dr Jeffrey Hendricks, about epigenetics and the health benefits from certain foods and nutritional supplements.

Our nutritional supplements support healthy brain, eye, heart, immune system, and liver functioning.  Our supplements are marketed on the internet through our web site and marketplaces such as and

All supplements are produced at facilities in California, Florida and New York that are NSF Certified to follow FDA Good Manufacturing Practices.  In addition, quality is monitored by testing at laboratories in the USA.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we provide an unconditional 90 day return policy for all our supplements.

For more information about our company or to provide other feedback, please call 1-800-875-1892 or email